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I.T. Support in Barnsley


I.T. Support In Barnsley offers a fully mobile service to anywhere in South Yorkshire.

Whether it’s fixing a minor software issue or providing more extensive hardware repairs, we can visit you at your home or office, eliminating the need for stressful trips to our workshop.

Our team is also equipped with secure remote access software meaning some I.T. issues can be tackled quickly and conveniently online without having to take away your device while still ensuring all data safety regulations are adhered to. I.T.

Support In Barnsley saves our clients both time and money by combining efficient on-site support with the convenience of remote I.T. help when appropriate - providing I.T. solutions tailored to each individual's needs!


Mobile I.T. Support

CTS PC Solutions Ltd In Barnsley has taken its customer service one step further and now offers mobile I.T. support to anywhere in South Yorkshire, with no extra cost! Our team of I.T. experts can visit you at your home or workplace, allowing us to work quickly and effectively to solve whatever I.T. issue you may have without having to take away your device; however, if repairs require your PC or laptop's removal, we will return it to you upon completion. There are also smaller software issues that do not require an on-site visit and for them, we use secure remote access software connected to your device in the comfort of your own home.

We can provide I.T. assistance to any of the homes and offices in South Yorkshire. In some cases, we are able to resolve I.T. issues without even having to take devices away; however, if repairs do require removal, then we can bring them back once they're complete with no extra charge. For small software issues, rather than requiring you to visit us personally, our secure remote access software that makes it very easy to connect to a device as needed and then simply disconnect once the work is complete

I.T. Support In Barnsley offers a full mobile I.T. support service to the people of South Yorkshire and beyond; at no extra cost! Whether it's a repair that can be done on the spot or one that requires taking your device away for further work, we can visit you in your home or office and handle any I.T.-related issue with ease. Our comprehensive service comes at no extra charge so you can rest assured knowing that all I.T. solutions are handled efficiently, quickly and affordably regardless of your location in South Yorkshire.