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About Us

Often referred to as "Your 4th Emergency Service"

Key Points


Our top priority is honesty. We will always be 100% honest with you and never try to sell your something you don’t need.


We will always be reliable, you can always trust us to complete your repair or supply your services in a reasonable time fame. In the event of delays or problems we will keep you informed so you don’t worry.

Friendly ...

We don’t see our clients as a pay packet or an invoice number. We treat all our customers as friends and business partners, even during those stressful times.

Who we are....

We are a Sheffield based business with many years of experience in this sector. We have helped thousands of people all over South Yorkshire to overcome their PC and laptop problems.

We started many years ago to provide an honest and reliable service to the general public at competitive rates. Many of our competitors were cashing in on extortionate so called call out fees and as we found over the years relied on talking computer jargon to people who didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. In some cases we found some clients were sold parts or services they simply didn’t need.

We aimed to provide an honest service even if it meant that we didn’t get the job and we always talk in plain English to the client to explain the issue in a way they understand. Call out fees were never introduced and never will, we have strong beliefs that if we do the job right and competitively that we will gain a long term customer and possibly a friend.

As the years went by and we started gaining a larger customer database we found that we had no need to advertise, in fact we predict that 90% of all our work is gained by repeat custom and recommendations these days due to our reliability and above all else our brutal honesty.

During the past years we have taken on quite a few business clients and now we also have a strong business client database as well. We have many business clients who use us as their main contact for IT support as well as many other services we now supply.

These days CTS PC Solutions Ltd still has the same ethics and is still growing year by year. Our services available is wider and we now handle IT support for many businesses in and around the South Yorkshire area including Sheffield, Doncaster & Rotherham. We estimate that these days 60% of our weekly work is to our loyal business clients, but we will always continue to service our smaller public customers and we will always offer all our clients the same high level of service no matter how large or small the job is.

Several of our clients have named us as their "4th emergency service" which we are very happy they feel that way about us.

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