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Virus repairs are a common request

Every week we are asked to check laptops and PC's for possible virus infections. Virus issues are very wide spread these days and so easy to get. The majority of virus infections were preventable but in most cases the client didn’t have any adequate or up-to date virus protection.

In many cases we also found that children’s laptops or PC's were left unmonitored and unfortunately children are easy targets for virus infections.

Installing a reliable anti virus is one of the most important thing to do with any laptop or PC and as they say "prevention is cheaper than the cure". Many Free anti virus software’s are available these days which will provide adequate protection for most users and they are many quality paid for anti virus solutions to give you even more protection. See below for some recommended products.

However some virus infections are very clever and may bypass even a good quality anti virus software.

Virus removal is many cases is more than just running some software to remove it, files may be left hidden and allow the virus to be installed again in the background without you knowing and your back at square one again. Some virus infections can also be very nasty and extremely difficult to fully remove so professional help is recommended.

What to do if you feel you have a virus.

Turn off your PC or laptop straight away as the longer the virus is allowed to run the more difficult it may be to remove properly.

Then give us a call and explain the issue to us and we will discuss the best way to resolve your virus issues.

They are many different types of viruses about some very easy to remove while others are extremely difficult to remove properly.

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Recommended Anti Virus Software

Free Options-

  • Built In Windows Protection (Free)
    Totally free forever and provided by Microsoft directly, you will never be asked to upgrade and no Ads on the software. All versions of Windows from Windows 8 to the latest operating system have this built into windows.
  • AVG Free Version (Free) Click Here to download.
    Again free forever however ads appear on the software tempting you to upgrade and you have to renew your software annually.

    Paid Options-

  • Avast Premium Anti Virus (Paid) Click Here for full details.
    World class protection from a well known provider, paid versions include more protection and much more.