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Laptop DC Jack Repairs

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Laptop power issues?

Over time plugging and unplugging your laptop charger in your laptop can loosen the DC jack inside the laptop. Eventually the DC jack becomes so loose it can no longer charge the battery and your laptop will no longer turn on. This type of issue can also be caused by accidents such as tripping over the charger cable while its plugged in.

Some common symptoms of this issue are-

  • When plugging in the charger it feel looser than usual seem to have more movement.
  • Sometimes you find you have to move the charger a certain way to get the laptop to charge.
  • You may find you have to pull the charger a certain way and hold it to get the laptop to charge.
  • For more severe issues you find they is nothing to plug the charger into, the pin inside appears missing.

If you encounter any of these issues you need to get the laptop checked out ASAP.

Sometimes this issue can start with dry soldier which is pretty easy to resolve without doing anything drastic such as replacing the whole jack. In cases of dry soldier it important to get it checked out ASAP as leaving it will result in the jack becoming looser and eventually braking away. This would result in a much more expensive repair.

How can we resolve it.

Even in the worst case of needing a complete new DC jack fitted we can sort this out for you, we have the right hardware to fix DC jacks professionally and properly the first time. We have repaired hundreds of DC jacks over the years and have a wealth of experience doing theses types of repairs.

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