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UK Based Website Hosting.

The web is filled with no frills cheap hosting with many options to choose from and promise the best service about. The reality is most of this cheap hosting is located on overloaded servers abroad all fighting for resources and traffic bandwidth. This cheap hosting is ideal for starting out or test purposes but not ideal if you want fast and reliable hosting.

All our hosting services are located on our own dedicated servers based in the UK with our own pipe. we ensure all our servers are working at their full potential and we are careful not to overload our servers so all our clients have enough speed and reliability to meet their needs.

When you get to a stage where you have out grown our standard hosting we can offer more options such as your own VPS server or even your own dedicated server to meet your needs. Whatever your hosting requirements we most likely have the resources to meet your needs just contact us.

We can offer-

Standard Website Shared Hosting-

Our standard website hosting packages are located on our UK based dedicated servers and offer reliable UK hosting at competitive rates. Our servers are managed in house and we ensure they are running at their full potential. Our servers have their own dedicated pipes and we ensure our standard hosting servers are never overloaded, this ensures your website is reliable and fast even during busy times. We have developed several different package types to meet the needs of most websites and can offer both Windows hosting and Linux hosting packages. Our Linux website hosting solutions are controlled by Cpanel which is one of the most widely used services for Linux hosting and you will have access to all the features you need to control your hosting. Our Windows hosting comes with an easy to use control panel so you can take full control of your own hosting package. Our Standard hosting packages start from as little as £5 per month for our lowest package and all other packages are competitively priced.

VPS Server Hosting-

When you have out grown our standard hosting services and need something more, then our range of VPS servers are ideal. You get your own resources and have full access to the VPS server to manage yourself, you also get full SSH access if requested. With our range of VPS server solutions you get your own disk space and environment without fighting for resources. With our VPS servers you get the benefit of some dedicated resources and all our VPS servers are easily upgraded with no downtime at anytime. We have several options available for VPS servers, just contact us and we can advise you on which option is best for you. VPS servers are provided as unmanaged as standard but we also offer managed VPS servers for an additional fee.


Dedicated Server Website Hosting-

You may be running some resource hungry applications or you may want totally dedicated hardware and resources for your website. A dedicated server would in this case be more suitable for your needs. With a dedicated server you get an actual physical server with full dedicated resources. Dedicated servers can manage your applications much faster and all our dedicated servers get their own pipe dedicated to just your server. Our dedicated servers come with either Windows Server operating system or a Linux operating system. We can also add plesk to your windows operating system or cpanel to your Linux operating system making it much easier to manage for website hosting. Please contact us with your requirements and we will offer the best solutions for your requirements. Our dedicated server pricing is very competitive and very reliable.

Want more information

Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we can go through your options to see what service best meets your needs. For most customers our standard hosting is more than enough to meet their needs.