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Data Recovery

Your data is one of the most important things on your laptop or pc yet very few people make any regular backups. Some don't even think about it while others simply forget.

Unfortunately technology does go wrong even on new laptops or PC, this could be a faulty hard drive or normal wear and tear. You may have even dropped your device by accident. Some virus infections can make your system un-bootable and as such make it impossible to take a backup.

In cases like this we have special hardware and some very clever software that can in many cases recover all your data. Our software is even capable of recovering data from failing hard drives.

We have successfully recovered data from-

  • Dead PC's and laptops
  • Fire damaged systems
  • water damaged devices
  • Virus infected hard drives
  • Recovered data accidentally deleted
  • We can recover data from hard drives as well as USB memory sticks.

We can't guarantee to recover your data and in some cases they is nothing we can do but we have a much better chance to recover your data than you do, due to our special hardware and software we use.

In the event where we are unable to recover your data using our advanced tools and software we do work with a professional data recovery company. This company have a very high success rate however the costs can be quite high so we will only offer this option if the data is important and must be recovered. A Quote will be provided before any work has been completed. Please contact us for more information about this.

Why not give us a call and see if we can recover your data-

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**Please note** Due to the level of work involved attempting to recover your data which is very time consuming, this service is exempt from our no fix no fee policy. If in the event that we cannot recover any data then we do have a minimum fee of £40 + VAT to cover the work involved.