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Windows Software Upgrade

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Looking to upgrade your operating system.

They may be a new version of windows you may want to upgrade to or you may not like the latest version of windows and prefer an older version. We can help with either options.

Installing an upgrade is not always as straight forward as it's advertised to be as not all your hardware may be compatible. Same as downgrading your version of windows to an older version. You will need to perform several checks first to ensure your laptop or PC will be able to run your new windows software.

This is where we can help. We can inspect your laptop or PC and check and ensure that your new upgrade or downgrade will run on your device. If we find that some hardware is not compatible or if you need an upgrade such as your RAM memory we can provide options to you in most cases. We can also supply all the software and licensing to you and install the operating system for you.

Before any upgrade or downgrade is started we would take a full data backup as in some cases your data may be destroyed and if it goes wrong which it does occasionally you may lose all your data.

Once completed we then recover your data back to the new installation, we also perform all windows updates and install all required drivers for you. In addition we can install your software as well if you provide all the relevant software and licence keys. If you wish we can also setup the laptop or PC up in your home and install your printer ect for a minimal extra fee.

When we return your laptop or PC you will be rest assured that its been installed properly and that its been checked to ensure its working properly.

Windows Software Options-

We can upgrade to or downgrade to the following options-

  • Windows 11 (All Versions)
  • Windows 10 (All Versions)
  • Windows 8 (All versions)

Please note we now only supply support for windows 7 or earlier, Microsoft support was ended on windows 7 early in 2020 so we now no longer offer any windows 7 downgrade options due to security concerns that will develop over the coming years. If you already have Windows 7 installed then we can provide support only or we can supply options to upgrade your system to a newer version of windows.

Need help understanding your new version of Windows-

Once your upgrade or downgrade is complete you may be a little lost with your new operating system especially if you have skipped a version or 2 along the way. No need to worry just let us know and we will be happy to sit down with you and help answer some of your questions. At the moment we get asked a lot to help users with the latest windows 11 operating system. We can also show you some of the new features and even how to access some of the old features hidden up.


To find our more information or to discuss your upgrade/downgrade requirements then just contact us.

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