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Why restrict your workforce to the office.

In today’s changing world working from home is becoming a lot more popular and in many cases benefits both the business and the employees. Some businesses have employees on the road such as sales reps who can work more efficient if they have their office data to use away from the office. No need to call the office for that document you need and wait for delivery by email, when they can just turn on their laptop and access it normally like they are at the office. Better still you can see the changes straight away in the office. They are many other benefits to cloud computing you may benefit from.

Access your office data from home-

You may work from home a lot or you may have staff who wish to work from home from time to time. In fact according to surveys allowing staff to work from home increases output by 30% on average. Your staff can become more productive in your business or you may have staff who travel a lot. In-fact you can work from anywhere in the world using our cloud computing services, all you need is an internet connection.

No hardware-

Traditionally if you wanted to allow staff to access office documents you would have needed your own in house server which costs money to buy, maintain and repair. If used like this before you know that access is painfully slow and unreliable. With our cloud computing system you have a fully synced copy of all your data on the move. As you add or edit documents these are synced up instantly with our servers so the office staff can see the data changes straight away. No need for any hardware on-site, all data is stored on our online cloud servers so they is no need for on-site hardware.

Safe and reliable-.

Our cloud computing servers are safe and all connections are by a 256bit encrypted connection just like the banks use. In addition our servers are backed up in a different location and we have fail-over servers in place to ensure the service and data is always available and safe. The only limitations is the broadband connection your using.


Protection for your data-

Its happened before you try to open a documents and it wont open it's got corrupted or you have a member of staff who leaves under bad circumstances and deletes all your data. Before it would have been a disaster and in many cases a serious issue. With our cloud computing services we keep the last 30 versions of all data stored and we have a magic undelete button. File got corrupted, no problem just roll back to the last version. Accidentally deleted some data or files, just login online and undeleted the files. In addition to this you have an instant backup of your data on each PC or Laptop you connect with as well as the online version.

Private files and access restrictions-

For our more advanced users we can also add our top package add on which gives the ability of protected access control. Restrict folder access to permitted users or groups only. Have a private folder only you can access or even see. Multiple users are permitted with no restrictions of the number of users allowed however this add on is per user based for pricing.

Data backups

As standard all our cloud computing services have a built in backup function to backup all your local data from your PC, Laptop or MAC device for no extra charge. Our software automates the backup process so you can forget about it.

Want more information

Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we can go through your options. Once we have a better idea of the type of services your looking for we will be able to quote for you accordingly. All our prices are competitive.

Please note, this service is for business users only. If you would like to use our cloud data backup service then we have a service just for personal users. Click Here for details.