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Data Backups

Quick Info

Do you have a backup in place for when the worst happens.

These days data is valued more important that the PC or Laptop it's saved on. Those old replaceable baby photo's, wedding day pictures, personal data or even business accounts data. Its all something we have but something not many people seem to backup. Some people think ahead and buy an external hard drive to backup to however these backups are done manually and in many cases not kept up with. We have seen many hard drive failures and when asked do you have a backup, the answer is either "No" or "Yes but i have not backed for 6 months or longer"

A simple solutions you can forget about -

Our backup system is fully automated and can backup all your important data automatically for you to our cloud servers. Once the initial backup has been completed backups are done regular and automated. Just forget about the software and know your data is backed up safe on our cloud servers.

What about fire of theft-

As our software backs up to our cloud servers this is something else you are protected against. In the even of theft or even a fire just replace your device and download all your data back to your new device. We even have a special recovery tool to download the data back to the original folders on your device.

We have loads of data and several devices does that matter-

Again not to worry, for a small annual fee you can backup all your Laptops and PC's to our cloud backup servers. We have no restrictions of the number of devices you can backup and they is not limit to the amount of data you can store on our cloud servers either. We do ask that you use the service fairly but we don’t restrict you. Our system supports any windows based PC or Laptop and any MAC devices.


User Control, how do i know if my backup is up-to date-

With our cloud backup service you have full control over your own data and backups, with our software you can backup anything on your device, by default the software backs up your user files but you can add or remove any folders at any time form the backup system, Our software also shows you the current state of your backups and you can control the bandwidth speed of the transfers. The speed of the back up are determined by your broadband speed not ours. You can also login through our web based interface to see your backed up data online at anytime.

Is it worth paying for-

They are a few services available for free online but most have small restrictions and small storage spaces, they are supplied as is and your responsible for it. With our service they is no restrictions and no storage space restrictions. We manage the service and ensure its working, we also have fail over servers to ensure you data is always safe and accessible. This is also part of our business cloud computing service so we have to ensure as much as possible that its reliable. Just pay one set annual fee and never be charged anymore for going over your limit, simply because we don’t have any limits for this service.

Want more information

Simply contact us to arrange this service and we can have you up and running very quickly. We will soon be adding the ability to pay online for this service.

Please note this service is for personal use only, should you wish to use this service for business use please use our cloud computing service made just for business use.